Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The lost month

It looks like I skipped February and went directly to March . February was just one of those months you would rather forget . It was a month filled with babysitting sick children and then both Mike and I came down with a rather nasty flu bug. Suffice to say , February glad you're gone , don't let the door hit you on the way out .

That's not to say there weren't some good moments , most of those came by way of knitting . I started to tidy up my knitting basket and came across a couple of almost finished knits . One of those were these were the Susie Rogers Reading Mitts .All I had to do were the last couple of rows and the picot edge bind off of the second mitt . They had been sitting there for almost year , shame on me .
The other one that  found I worked on but again did not complete :-(  was the  Burton Bear cowl . This is just one of those projects that I really can't get into it just annoys the hell out of me . The reason being that the pattern is not very precise on sizing and it seems to be hit or miss with the fit . It is written for baby , toddler , child  and adult with the difference being four stitches between each size combined with one size up in needles . The first one I knit for my almost two year old  granddaughter Charlie didn't fit her at all . It was the toddler size and it ended up being more like a balaclava . She hated it and refused to wear . Now I am knitting the child size , it doesn't seem that much larger and I am wondering if it is even worthwhile finishing it . I paid for this pattern but find it to be very badly done , not enough info about the sizing . There are many free patterns that are better written than this one .

One project that finally did go right was my shrug for Stella . This was another reknit . I guess this will be my year of re-knitting , lol . The first one also didn't fit , it ended up being too small . I made it a size larger and it is perfect , yippee !

The month of March is starting out much better . So far I have finished a finished pair of socks except for sewing in the ends and then taking some photos . There is also this hat in progress . It is for my DIL Stefanie whose heritage is Irish and her birthday is March 14th .She is very proud of her Irish roots and her family is very involved in the Irish community here in Montreal . It is a little further along than shown in the photo . Stef has been asking for a hand knitted hat for awhile now . I am so happy to have found this pattern . I love it and plan on making more for the family . They usually attend the St Patrick's day parade every year .

So that's it for today , thanks for stopping by . Have a good rest of the week !

Monday, January 25, 2016

The twice knit hat

Sorry I haven't been around blog land very much at all these days . My only excuse is sheer and utter laziness . I have been knitting though and have even completed a project or two . You might remember this hat from my last post .

You'll notice that it is very close to being finished . In fact I was almost at the crown decreases . This is the same pattern Basia that I had finished just recently . I was at Timmie's having a coffee with Shirley and I had mentioned to her how long this hat seemed to be taking to knit . I felt like forever since I had cast on . Shirley was looking at it and asked if I was knitting the same pattern because it sure looked different . Sure enough when I got home and checked the pattern I quickly realized that I was merely skipping 4 rows of the pattern . I assumed that I had the pattern committed to memory , so other than checking for the number of stitches to cast on I went ahead and knit it . Ah hubris !  Rather than try and figure out the crown decreases on my 'new' pattern I just ripped it out and started  again , the right way this time .

I gave it to my friend Valerie at lunch last week . She was so very happy with it , especially since she had just bought herself a gorgeous white parka . The hat suits her , I love it on her .

This little snuggly was finished just in time for a baby shower I attended . I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw it on ravelry . I am disappointed in my yarn choice . Looking for softness and washabilty I used some Sirdar Snuggly that I had in my stash . While it is super soft the blankie part feels unsubstantial . In hindsight I wish I had used my favourite acrylic/wool blend of Berroco Vintage . The wool content adds enough substance without losing the washability aspect . However the mom to be loved it , so all's well that ends well . There is another baby due this year in my circle of friends so I might just try again with Berroco this time .

Next time I will update you on more knits in progress and perhaps even on a book that I am enjoying so much that I almost don't want it to end . Till then , have a wonderful week !

PS - Forgive the kind of weird dots appear periodically in this post . Don't know what I did but I cannot for the life of me get rid of them . I know it has something to do with alignment , but this brain just can't figure out where I went wrong , lol .

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 week one

The last month of 2015 just flew by it seems . Like everyone in blog land I was busy getting ready for the festivities , so much so that blogging got lost in all the hustle and bustle . We had a beautiful Christmas spent with family and visits by and to friends . That time just flew by too and now we already have one week done in the new year . I like the calm after the storm of the holidays . I find that it is a time for reflection . Having come though a really difficult 2015 my hopes and intentions for 2016 are simple , live each day fully and focus on the positive and let go the negative . Trite but true , life IS too short .

Lately I have been cursed with a case of startitis . Currently I am working on socks and a hat for my friend Valerie . I have more than a couple of other knits that are languishing in the knitting basket . Hopefully that can be remedied soon and I will get more of them off the needles .

I have also been trying to get back in shape by watching my calories and walking more . Watching the calories is the most difficult of the two as we still have cookies and sweets left from Christmas , even with sharing them with family and friends . The lesson for next Christmas is to cut down on the baking .

Well that's it for today , better get cracking on my supper . I am having Jessey and Stella over so that mom and dad can have a date night . Early tomorrow Jessey has a hockey game and Stella has dance class . I'm hoping that they will both go to bed early so I can get my beauty sleep , lol .

Wishing you all the best for 2016 and have a wonderful weekend !

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hat weather

November has been unusually mild and sunny this year . That is until last week when the temperatures dropped and we even had a bit of snow that stayed around for a couple of days . Needing a break from knitting the Burton Bear Cowl ( I really , really dislike the pattern , but that's another post ) I started on and finished another of the Top This! hats as requested by Jessey , a monkey for my little monkey .

I think he likes it !
Thanks to the frosty and windy mornings I quickly cast on a hat for ME . Now normally I am like the proverbial shoemakers children who always go barefoot , I love making hats for family , friends and newborns for the local hospital , but for me , well maybe later when all the others are done . I found the perfect pattern for me , Basia by Hanna Maciejewska .It was quick , easy but not boring and makes a very warm and cozy hat . I love it !

Now that the hats are out of my system for now, I can get back to regularly scheduled knitting . That being the shrugs for Stella and Charlie as well as the Burton Bear Cowls (sigh ) . Stella's shrug is well underway , in fact I am hoping to have it completed by Dec 6th ,if I can find some buttons for it between now and then . Finding buttons is always a challenge . 
Wishing all my American friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving ! Till next time , have a great weekend !

Monday, November 16, 2015

Home again

Mike and I went for getaway week at the end of October and came back just in time for Amanda's wedding on November 7 th . The week away did us both a world of good . We went to Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba , our time there was wonderful , beautiful hot weather , long walks on the beach and nothing to do but relax . We couldn't have asked for more ...

Amanda had a beautiful day for her wedding , she looked beautiful and so very happy . Don't they make a handsome couple !? I don't think you could meet a nicer and more suited couple than those two .

They were married by Matthews' mother who is a minister . She 's performed the weddings for each of her four sons , Matthew being the last one to tie the knot . It was a wonderful evening and we feel blessed to have been included in their special day . We wish them a lifetime of nothing but happiness !

Life has been a little more mundane since . I have been unpacking , doing laundry and just generally getting back into routine . We've attended a couple of Jesseys hockey games , we had an absolute blast cheering for him and the team . I'm not a hockey mom , but am definitely a hockey Omi . I am hoping to be able to go to most of his games .

I didn't do very much knitting while I was away , it was much too hot . Since coming home I did finish the Go Habs Go socks , making a pair each for Jessey and Mason .

The socks will go in the gift box for Christmas . I had trouble sleeping last night so I got up early to start another of the Top This ! hats .This time a monkey for Jessey . I have at least four more knits lined up that need to be done before Christmas . I am waiting for a delivery from for the yarn to knit Stella and Charlie each a shrug to wear with their Christmas dresses . No pressure , right . I have the yarn to knit them each a Burton Bear Cowl . At least one will get done this week if all goes as planned . They are knit with 9mm needles so it shouldn't take more than an evening or two right ?

Anyhow that 's it for today . Thank you for coming by and I wish you a good week ahead . Till next time ...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Promise me

This is Amanda's wedding shawl ready for the big day November 7th . It has been a work in progress since mid August . I had knit a few other things while doing this, just to keep my sanity.The stocking stitch part was easy peasy , but the lace and beads were challenging . I am so happy that it is finished , it will be wrapped and gifted to Amanda this weekend .  For once I wasn't rushing to meet a deadline.

Have a wonderful weekend , till next time ...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A bump in the road

I have been away from this blog for a little over a year . Late last year life threw me a curve with a breast cancer diagnosis .  I was very fortunate that it was early stage but had spread to my lymph nodes meant that I would have to have surgery , chemo and radiation . Everything went well and I finished treatment mid June of this year . At my last follow up with my oncologists I was told that I am now cancer free . Without the support of my family and friends this would have been much worse . I had some rough patches but am finally feeling more like myself . There are still low days here and there , but who doesn't have those , and more days of counting my blessings and enjoying each day . 

There has been knitting not that you'd know it by looking at my ravelry page . Many were completed and gifted before I thought to take a photo . I blame it on chemo brain , lol . I will try and update it soon . What I'm working on now ....

Jesseys' socks in the Go Habs Go colour way from Biscotte & Cie 

A Gaptastic cowl for My friend Yvonne . And last but not least a wedding shawl for Amanda who will be tying the knot with her sweetie Matthew on November 7th . I have 5 rows left plus the cast off to do .

I hope to give it to Amanda next weekend . I also finished a quartet of hats for my grandkids . I fell in love with these hats after seeing them knit up at my local yarn shop . They are kits by DMC called TopThis ! I mean who could resist !? 

 That's it for today , off to work on the wedding shawl while it is still daylight . Have a wonderful week !